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Having a Last Will and Testament is something that most people have talked about getting for years without ever actually taking any steps to have one prepared or signed. The reasons for not actually completing a Will are generally that people don’t think they need to have one as it does not affect their daily lives, or because they think it is going to cost hundreds of dollars. 

A Will can be as simple or complex as the Testator chooses to make it, but most people name family or friends as Executors and basically just want to make sure their assets are left with the people they choose. Preparing and signing a Last Will and Testament gives people the ability to choose who receives their assets after their death and will often save the surviving family members a great deal of time and money compared to when someone dies intestate (passing away without a valid Will). 

In addition to having a valid Will it is important for people to make arrangements for the potential situation where the person is alive, but for some reason, needs or wants someone else to act for them. This could be due to a stroke, an accident, illness or for the simple reason that someone has assets in New Brunswick but will be absent from the Province for a prolonged period of time. For these reasons it is also important for people to seriously contemplate preparing a Power of Attorney for general (financial) purposes and for health care decisions. 

Any of these documents can be prepared alone or as part of an overall Estate planning process. It gives peace of mind not only to the person for whom the documents are prepared but also for the family members who will likely be responsible for the care of the individual in the event of incompetence or death.