Feenan Law
Specializing in Property, Family, Wills & Estates and Immigration
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165 Union Street,
4th Floor
Saint John,NB E2L 5C7
Tel: 506-634-0800
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Feenan Law operates one of the busiest real estate practices in Atlantic Canada – whether you are purchasing your first home, or a number of multi-unit buildings, refinancing at the end of your mortgage term or incorporating a number of bills into your new mortgage, or selling your property, we can help.

We have very knowledgeable staff and we are often able to complete transactions in a relatively short period of time. As long as our clients are actively engaged in the process we can help when the need arises to close a transaction quickly without sacrificing service.

Even when there are Realtors and Mortgage Brokers or Banking Officers involved in your file it is important that you develop good communication with your law firm as the entire process comes together in the final legal stages of any type of property transaction. It is very important that you understand the closing process and how Adjustments for property taxes, water and sewerage, oil and propane may affect your final closing costs. You should also make yourself aware of the other closing costs such as legal fees, registration fees, Land Transfer Tax and the cost of Title Insurance. Your law firm is likely the only place that can fully explain all of these aspects of the file and how they might impact your transaction.